Abundant, clean energy.

Our utilization of advanced technology, engineering expertise, and proprietary processes enables us to deliver high infrastructure reliability and strong ROI with industry-leading energy prices.


More value with less risk.

700+ MW


700+ MW

Under Construction

1,500 MW

PPAs Executed


We have an unmatched ability to produce low-price clean energy, and deliver strong financial returns on large-scale solar projects.


A catalyst in clean energy — and trusted partner of other industry leaders.

The four largest utilities, covering 80% of the California power market, have all executed PPAs with 8minutenergy, and are repeat customers.

Every one of our projects — more than 20,000+ acres — has been approved.

We conduct extensive impact, economic, and environmental analyses upfront, working very closely with environmentalists early in the process, to significantly mitigate potential risks. This reputation for stewardship has enabled us to cultivate support from leading environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club, Audubon California, Defenders of Wildlife, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.


A singular focus.


We’re privately held and financed by our principals, which is unique to the industry. This gives us the freedom to be truly independent and focus on the best technology choices and implementation for each project. Our experienced and talented team of associates have one singular focus — to get projects into production.

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Driving down the price of energy.

No other company is able to bring down the price of energy as much as 8minutenergy (and still deliver the project successfully). We’ve been awarded more than 1,500 MWs in PPAs in California since 2012 — the largest share for any developer during this timeframe. By customizing projects before we have a PPA, we’re able to offer our customers the greatest value.




Taking clean energy further.

We are dedicated to utility-scale solar development. Our Mount Signal Solar Farm in California is among the world’s largest solar projects (600 MW-ac, 800 MW-dc).

We are also building 445 MW with the Springbok Solar Farms in California. Together, these projects are leading the industry in scale, affordability, and performance.


We have a deep understanding of your needs.

Whether you’re a land owner, public utility, corporate, or investor, 8minutenergy offers an unmatched ability to produce low-priced clean energy, and to deliver strong financial returns on large-scale solar projects. We maximize the value of our solar power plants by fine-tuning projects to meet customers' needs, ultimately making clean energy the preferred customer choice.

It’s been easy working with 8minutenergy to prepare my land for solar development. They're responsive and walk me through every step. To me, 8minutenergy is the top solar developer to work with.

Eddie Wiest

Landowner, Imperial Valley, California
8minutenergy is the largest independent solar power developer in the United States