8minutenergy Renewables

Accelerated solar PV project development from the energy price leader

8minutenergy Renewables is the leading independent developer of ground-mounted solar PV projects in the United States, with a current portfolio of over 2,000 megawatts (MW) under development.  430+MW in Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) have been awarded to 8minutenergy since 2012.

8minutenergy develops, finances, engineers, constructs, holds, operates and maintains solar projects. We target the North, South and Central regions of the United States, as well as the Caribbean. 8minutenergy also acquires projects that are ready for construction. Click here if you have a solar project to sell.

Every 8minutenergy solar PV power project generates local construction and operational jobs, as well as ancillary business and service jobs. These jobs, and related new businesses, contribute millions of dollars to local and regional economies. More

8minutenergy's unique, proprietary process accelerates permitting and development by selecting land-sites and technologies that mitigate risk and minimize approval obstacles. Power grid analysis and detailed land assessments are employed to choose optimal power plant sites that are then validated for economic viability. As a result of this, and the extensive experience of our veteran team, our development timeframe is typically much faster than those of other solar developers. More

8minutenergy prefers to build its solar projects on "disturbed" land (for instance, low-value farm land) for lower environmental impact. Access to the power grid is key, and 8minutenergy has developed specific processes to make sure that our projects can interconnect fast and with little investment.

8minutenergy's development process ensures that we can finance and construct solar PV projects at the most competitive energy price possible.

Mount Signal Solar Farm

Mount Signal Solar Farm

Developed by 8minutenergy, Silver Ridge Power assumed ownership and is building the 200MW Mount Signal Solar Farm in Imperial Valley, California