About Us

About 8minutenergy®

8minutenergy Renewables, LLC is one of the country's leading developers of ground-mounted solar PV projects, with a portfolio of more than 2,000 megawatts (MW) of solar PV power plant projects. We are passionate about helping the United States develop a substantial renewable energy industry and meets its renewable energy goals. We develop, construct, acquire, hold, operate and maintain solar projects.

The highly skilled, knowledgeable and seasoned 8minutenergy team has over 200 years of collective experience in:

  • Ground-mounted PV technology
  • Large-scale project development
  • Large-scale structured financing
  • Solar project acquisitions
  • Complex project management
  • Utility engineering, transmission and infrastructure
  • Electrical utility markets and regulation

8minutenergy's unique land and economic analysis process helps select optimal power plant sites for accelerated permitting.  This includes dynamic models which locate properties that can feed the grid at desired capacity without compromising grid reliability. A grid database is used to synthesize transmission and land-use parameters to select optimal properties that remove permitting obstacles and thus allow rapid permitting with counties and utilities.

Comprehensive economic modeling confirms project development and operation viability. 8minutenergy then uses local expertise and relationships to advance the permitting process. 8minutenergy's Optimized Engineering™ ensures the most efficient power plant is designed by customizing technologies and products that are precisely tuned to each project's specific characteristics. Self-financing, construction and operation are accomplished with partners that are among the top five in the world.